Instead of everything being visible to everyone, you have ultimate control over who can access what by assigning roles to project team members be it internal or external members. So things are always under your control by role permissions and special permissions. Even a user has the permission on an item by the role, you can control by overriding role permissions with special permissions.

If you want to share a particular item like file, task, deliverable to an external user, then do not add those external user into project team with a role, but use special permission to give access to them.

Role permissions are applied on each and every item, whereas special permissions are applied on a single item. For example, if an user has view other's file role permission, he/she can view all files created by other users of the project team. An example of special permission is that if an user has view other's file role permission and you want them not to view a particular file, then you can apply 'Hide File' special permission on that file for that user.

Role permission allows user to view all the versions of the file whereas special permission allows to view a specific version of a file. So if you want to show only a particular version of a file to an external team member then use special permissions.

Role Permissions Vs Special Permissions:

You can choose what you want each user to view, add, and manage by assigning role to project team members allowing them to perform actions as per your choice.

How to check role permissions on a File and override with special permissions:

Click on 'Add Permission' in further actions.
Check role permissions in existing permissions section as shown in below.

To Check Role permissions:

Role Permissions on a File

NOTE : In this example, User is having role as Internal Member. He has all permissions which are shown in Internal Member Permission pop up.

Click on 'Change' button in role permission pop up.
Select special permissions and click on Save & Close button.

To Override Role permissions with special permissions:

Special Permissions

NOTE : Here, we gave only file View and Edit permissions even user has all permissions by Role. Same way, you can set special permissions on items like File, Folder, Deliverable and Tasks.
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