Collection in Redbracket HUB allows you to store related files for which you do not want versions and other features which are available on a single file. Collections can store a group of different file types and it acts like a single file. The best example is storing site visit photographs. You can add file into a collection from local computer or available cloud storage or HUB itself.

Why I should use Collection?

The collection can be shared with users with special permissions.
You can store any type of files like drawing files, site visit photographs, audio and video files etc. So you can group all related files at one place.
It also has actions which are available on a file like Copy, Move, Download and Delete.
You can download all files at once. It will be downloaded as zip file.
In collection also you have comments and history sections. Comments allow you to have a conversation about it with your team members and history tab will capture all the activities which are performed in collection.
Like file statuses, you can manage collection with desired statuses. If you change status to any Close state then it becomes read only.
You can share collection download link to users. Anyone who has the link can download collection by clicking on it.

Kindly refer this document to add file collections. How can I add file collection to group related files ?
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