Version 2.0 Release Date: 12-May-2020

Overall a lot of functionalities are added in different modules along with UI changes and bug resolutions. Major features added are Folder sharing, Project templates, Account subscription page, help documents and server caching.


Project can be created using a template now. Choose the default template or your custom template while creating a project. This will add all phases as per template into new project. Custom templates can be created in ‘Module wise settings’ in ‘Settings’ by account admins.

Choose Project Template

Kindly refer this document to manage project templates. How to create project templates?

Timeline is now more informative. Users can see information about their important events on the timeline itself.

New Dashboard

“Assigned By” field is added in the new task creation screen.

Assigned By
Users can add a manual time record for a particular task from the task’s detail view by clicking the ‘+’ icon beside a timer.

Manual Time Record
Parent task’s name is displayed along with the sub task name in the list or grid view of tasks.
information added like project name, phase name and parent task name In the Overview tab of detail view of the task.


Now the user can see the Parent task name besides the name of sub-task in time record.


Folder sharing has been implemented. Now users can share folders and give special permissions on folders for a user.
A special permission is added to hide a file or folder for a specific user which is accessible to them by project role permission.
All important marked files are always shown on top of the list in default and other sorting.
Server caching implemented to boost the performance
Bug is resolved in viewing images in album view for a collection.


‘CC’ field is added in the transmittal screen. While transmitting, now the user can add users into the CC field.
Users can now add their own subject line for the transmission.
Users can select a registered user or type an email id to send a transmission. A suggestion list will show all earlier used email ids.
Users can now directly add files using the “Add File” button without creating a container in advance. This will automatically create a container with the file name and add the file into it.
Date format changed in the Covering letter to show the year in full including century.


Account Subscription page is added in settings for account admins. This page shows the current plan of an account as well as current usage of space.

Account Subscription

‘Template’ tab is added in Project settings to create and manage custom project templates. Now you can create multiple templates as per your requirement and use it while creating a new project. This will add phases and tasks as per template into the new project.

Project Template


An automated email is started for users about their Today's Due/Overdue activities. So users know their today’s due activities without login to the system in the morning.
A weekly automated email is started for account admins about a summary of pending activities as well as activities done in the last week by all account users.
Help option is added in the main menu. Also the Help icon on the top right corner of each module’s screen is added to access module wise help documents.
Settings option is added in the Main Menu.
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