You can set auto approval system for the timesheets submitted for approval in case you want the submitted timesheets to be auto approved by the system if the responsible person (approver) has not taken any action in specific days.

Note: You must have admin access privileges to set Auto Approval Days

Set Auto-Approval Days For Time Sheets:

Click on Settings in user menu.
Go to Module wise settings from the main menu of Settings screen.
Go to Timesheets settings and click on Auto-Approve Timeframe tab.
Set Auto-Approval days.

Set Auto-Approval days

Let us assume that you set 5 days for auto-approval. It means, If the responsible person has not taken any action on submitted timesheets within 5 days period, then those submitted timesheets get auto-approved by the system automatically. 0 (zero) days means there is no auto-approval system set and the submitted timesheets need to be approved by the approver always.
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