When you want to track time while you work on task you can start timer and create time records. These time records are collected throughout the day and stored under the timesheet for that day. At the end of the working day the user can review the time records, add, edit, delete and then submit the timesheet for approval.

Timer tray feature at top header will show you recently added time entries and this feature will be available in each module. So you can directly start timer of that recent task from across application.

Quickly start timer on a recent task:

Once the timer has started, it will appear in the respective task and also in the Timer tray window.
You can see which timer is currently running and recently added time entry records in Timer tray in the top header. So you can directly start timer of recent task from timer tray.

Timer Tray

NOTE: You can not start timer on closed state tasks. Even in Timer tray, time entries which belong to closed state tasks will be hidden automatically. If you want to start a new timer when the timer is running then you need to save or discard the old one.
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