Reminder feature is user specific and they can set date and time to remind them through dashboard.

The following steps will help you to set reminder.

Open you task on which you want to set reminder and click on bell icon.

Click on "Select Date" then it will open a calendar where we need to select reminder date.

Next, select reminder date and click on "Set" button. Then you will get message "Reminder set" and bell icon color becomes theme color.

To edit or reschedule your reminder :

On dashboard, you can see the bell icon on past or future sections. If you click on future section bell icon you will get all future reminders. similarly past section bell icon will give you past reminders.

Now click on edit option in further actions of your reminder. It will open "Edit Reminder" pop-up where you can edit date and time.

After edited reminder, click on Edit option. Then your reminder will be rescheduled and you will get below success message.

In this way, you can rescheduled your past or future reminders through dashboard.
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