Task filtering system in Redbracket HUB will help you in getting specific results. It is also providing facility to save your customized filters for later use.

Let us see how to apply filter in tasks :

Click on filter option in top right of the tasks page in list or grid view. It will display custom filter form as shown in below.
By using task filter, you can get results based on assigner name, assignee name, activity type, status, project name, due date period, by tags or you can filter only important tasks.

To Filter tasks which are in closed state : (Example 1)

We can find tasks which are in closed state only through filter. It will not show the closed tasks in any saved filters (My pendings, All pendings, Assigned by Me).

Following steps will help you to filter completed tasks :

Enter status name as "Close" in "By status" field and select all closed state tasks.

Next, scroll down where you can find "Submit" button. Click on Submit.
It will give all closed tasks list as shown in below.

Let us see how to save customized filter : (Example 2)

In this example, we will see how to save filter of completed tasks which are assigned from other redbracket HUB account as request.

Enter status name as "Close" in "By status" field and select activity type "Request" in "By Activity Type" field.

System automatically sets the activity type of task which is assigned from another company account as "Request". So we have selected activity type as "Request" in this example.

In custom filter, you can find "Name your filter" field box by scrolling down where you need to give the name for your customized filter. (Ex : Completed tasks of other company account).
Next, click on "Save" button. It will save your customized filter in "Saved Filters".
You can delete your saved filters as shown in below video.

To save and delete custom filters
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