Roles & Permissions in settings allow users to create new "Project Roles" and grant permissions for each and every module. There are two types of roles. 1. Project Roles and 2. Group Roles(Non-project roles). Non project roles are applicable to all non project items. Similarly project roles are applicable to all project items. Apart from all predefined project roles, you can create your own project roles according to your requirements.

Only Admin users have the permission to manage Roles & Permissions.

You can not change permissions in system defined roles like 'Company Admin', 'User' and 'Project Manager'.

Following video will explain below points in detail:

Project Roles.
Non-Project Roles.
Creating a new project role by using " Create New Role +" option.
Granting permission on each and every module.
How to copy existing project role to create new project role.
How to remove your customized project role.

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