The Layout tab helps you manage different output files of the main file. You can manage layouts in any format with versioning, category, and status in layout section. These layout files are available for transmission along with main file. The AutoCAD connector automatically creates layouts here in which you can add any type of file for a particular layout.

How can I add Layouts ?

Open file detailed view in which you want to add layouts.
Go to Layouts tab and click on Add Layouts button. We can add layouts from local computer or third-party storage applications like Google Drive and Dropbox.
Add Layout
Attach layout and click on Upload button then it will add layout as shown in below example video.

Adding Layouts

Manage Layout Versions :

Layout versions are automatically managed in HUB to keep track of the changes made in the layout file. You can upload new versions and manage versions as shown in below example.

Upload New Layout Version
You can Download and Delete old layout version files as shown in below example.

Layout Download and Delete
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