File versions and revisions are automatically managed in HUB to keep track of the changes made in the file. You can perform all actions like share, delete, restore deleted version and download on a particular version.

About Versions and Revisions:

The version number is represented like v0.2, v1.2 etc where number after decimal point represents the version number and number before decimal point represents revision number. Here, in v1.2, 1 is revision number and 2 is version for that revision. When you upload a new file, the new version is created starting from 0.1. Every time uploading a file as a new version, increases the version number as 0.2, 0.3 and so on till the file is in any of the non-closed status. Once the file is in a closed state and you upload a new version on it, a revision is created automatically for that file.

Following video will explain below points in detail:

How to upload new file version.
About file Revision.
Available actions on file versions.
How to Restore deleted file version.

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