Download and install HUB time tracker app on computer to track the time and fill your timesheet automatically.

Things to know before installing HUB Time Tracker(HTT)

HUB Time Tracker supports windows 7 and onward operating systems. Right now, it does not support Mac or Linux.
Windows users are required to install Microsoft NET framework 4.5.2 in order to run HTT app if it is not installed.

Install Hub Time Tracker app:

Download latest HUB time tracker app into your system.
Launch HUB time tracker exe file and start installing it on your computer.

HTT Setup Wizard

Select installation folder location and choose whether HTT is for yourself or for anyone who uses your computer. Click on Next.

Select Folder Location

Click on Next to start installation.

Start Installation

HUB time tracker has been successfully installed.

HTT Successfully Installed

Kindly refer 'How do I use HUB time tracker?' document to start and use the time tracker on your computer.
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