Redbracket HUB allows you to create and manage custom project templates as per your requirement and use it while creating a new project and adding multiple tasks. This will add phases as per template into the new project. This guide will let you know how to create and use project templates.

We suggest to create phases as activity groups which will help you get total time spent on various activity groups like Working Drawings, Site Visits, Meetings, Research etc.

How can I create project template?

Go to Project Settings in Module Wise Settings.
Click on Template tab where you can see the default project template Standard Phases and Tasks as shown in below image.

Standard Phases and Tasks

You can copy and edit default project templates to create your custom template. But you can not delete default templates.

Let us see how to create custom template

Enter template name in field box and click on Add button, it will provide basic template structure as shown in below example.

Custom template creation

Initially, it allows you to create phases along with tasks. If you want you can delete task section and create template only with phases.
Now, add phases, tasks and sub-tasks as per your requirement.

To Add phase:
Click on plus option to create phase and also edit phase as shown in below.

Add phases
To Add tasks:
Click on plus option on any phase to create tasks and edit tasks as shown in below.

Add tasks
To Add sub-tasks:
Click on plus option on any task to create sub-tasks and edit sub-tasks as shown in below.

Add Sub tasks

Changes in the template will not be affect the project in which the template is used.

Like this, you can create desired template structure as below system defined template structure.

System defined template structure.

Kindly refer this document to know about how to use project templates. How can I use Project templates?
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