In HUB, It is extremely easy to create multiple project tasks with predefined phases at once. For that, we need to use project templates. All tasks which are created using project template will be self assigned (both assigner and assignee are creator) and Deadline/Due date will be the creation date. Later you can change Deadline/Due date, assignee etc. This guide will show you how to create multiple tasks using templates.

You can use system defined project templates or you can create your own template to create multiple tasks as per your requirements. Kindly refer this document to create custom project template How to create project templates? .

Let us see how to create multiple project tasks using default template:

Click on Further Actions option in task tab of project view.
Click on Create Task From Template option and Select the template from drop down in pop up.
Next, Select required phases and tasks from template structure and click on Create button.
Refresh the page and see all your tasks created. All selected phases will be automatically created in project if they do not exists. See below example.

Multiple tasks creation using project template.

You can select required tasks which need to be created from template structure.
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