File filtering system in Redbracket HUB will help you in getting specific results. It is also providing facility to save your customized filters for later use. You can filter by owner company name, Folder name, File type, File status, File category( CAD, Collection and Raster Image)

Let us see how to apply filter in files:

Click on filter option in top right of the files List or Grid view. It will display custom filter form as shown below.

To filter All Collections: (Example 1)

Select COLLECTION in "Search File Type" option.
Next, scroll down and click on "Apply". It will give all Collections result.

To Filter Collections

To Filter CAD files of Electrical type which are in Conceptual status. (Example 2)

Select file type as Electrical in "Search Type" field.
Select file status as Conceptual in "Search Status" field.
Select CAD in "Search File Type" field and apply filter. It will give required result as shown below.

To Filter Electrical CAD files with conceptual statue
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