Hub Time Tracker (HTT) is a hassle-free automated and reliable tool to automatically capture time spent on various tasks. It continuously monitors all your activities and idle time on your desktop, in projects, tasks, drawings, files and even websites. It smartly sorts the captured data to prepare the most factual timesheet automatically.

How does it work?

HTT automatically starts when you start your computer. If it does not start automatically, you can manually start it as shown in below video. You can minimize and move this tracker screen across window.

NOTE: Kindly refer document 'Explanation about Hub time tracker settings.' to enable offline (without user login) tracking on any device. HTT settings are completely under admin control.
Hub Time Tracker - Offline Tracking

Next, log in to HTT app with your HUB credentials.

Login Screen

As soon as you log in, It displays time tracker screen and starts capturing the time spent on your activities. Select the project, phase and task on which you are working. Select billable option for billable work. Keep changing the project, phase and task as per your work. Then, It smartly sorts the captured data to prepare the most factual time-sheet automatically.

Time Tracker Screen

Select project, phase and tasks as per your work

Initially, task field shows all non project tasks. To select project task first you need to choose respective project in project field. It can not show the tasks and projects which are in closed state or archived.

You can log out if you do not want to capture the time and again log-in to start capturing the time.

Log out and Log in
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