HUB Live Work Monitoring

Hub Time Tracker allows admins to see real-time status of work being done by users. Admin can see the details of the application, website or document on which the user is currently working on. Admin can also see the real-time screenshot of the user. This guide will explain about how we can monitor/track users working status using hub time tracker.

Only admin can monitor/track user's pc.

Go to main menu and open Reports module.

Repots Module

Click on Time Reports and select Time Tracker Reports > Time Tracker Status option from the drop down.

Reports DropDown

Here, you can see all your user's current status. This list will be automatically updated every 5 seconds.

Time Tracker Status


Hub time tracking screenshots are more important when it comes to working with a remote team, often paid by the hour. HTT takes the screenshots as per set interval and stores on the server for admins to look at it later. It also captures and shows user's current screenshot.

Click on screenshots option to see the current and all captured screens of today. You can set specific time interval to capture the screen for each user separately.

To see current screenshots

User screenshots

Today's Activities:

You can monitor user's today's activities as shown in below screen.

To see user today's activities

To see user's today's activities
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