Redbracket HUB allows you to create and manage project templates as per your requirement and use it while creating a new project. This will add phases as per template into the new project. This guide let you know how to use project templates.

Only phases will be created from template, but it will not add tasks.
Let us see how we can use template while creating a project:

Example : [ Using System Defined Project Template ]

Enter all required details and choose default project template 'Standard Phases and Tasks' while creating a new project. You can see the template structure by clicking on 'show template'.

It is an optional. You can also create a project without using any template.

Choose template to add phase as per template

Same way, you can select custom project templates while creating new project as per your requirement.

Phases are automatically added as per template as shown in below screenshots. Later you can edit or remove these phases.

Added phases

Kindly refer this document to create project templates. How to create project templates?
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