Using the support chat screen-sharing feature, you don't have to use any third-party tools like Zoom, Teamviewer, Skype, or Whereby to share your screen with customer support. It will be very helpful for us to Troubleshoot bugs in live and solve issues in a few minutes

How does it work?

Click on Accept button on audio-only call pop up, once after support team make crisp audio call.

Click on Accept

Enable the screen-sharing button. Both customers & agents can use the screen-sharing feature.

Screen sharing feature

Select the screen which is showing on "Your entire screen" section and click on share button. Then support team can able to view your screen.

Your entire screen

NOTE: If you do not want to share your entire screen you can only share only application window or specific chrome tab.
During the communication process, you can minimize and maximize the screen sharing window, you can chat with support team through support chat box, you can communicate through audio call and you can mute that audio call.

After minimized screen sharing window

You can stop screen sharing at any time by click on Stop sharing button.

Stop sharing
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