The Reports in Redbracket HUB is a place where one can get up-to-date insights about the project's performance and user's performance. It gives exportable progress and performance reports of your team and projects. You can see the performance of each and every project in Project Performance. So that you can analyse what is being done right and what needs improvement.

Only the Administrators can manage Reports.

Follow the below steps to see the performance of any project:

In Dashboard, Click on Reports in main menu. It will take you to Reports page.

Select Reports in Main Menu

In Reports page, Click on Reports and select Project Performance.

Here in dropdown we can see, it is providing different types of project reports, user reports and timesheet reports.

Select Project Performance

Select required project name from drop down.

Select Project

Next, click on Generate. It will give the project performance report.

Here in overall project hours, you can see that total actual hours crossed estimated hours. In the same way, we can measure project performance in terms of project phase times, user's time contribution and billable/non-billable work hours.

Project Performance

In Status Summary, you can see the status of the entire project's deliverable and tasks.

Here, you can easily find out user wise pending deliverable and tasks.

Status Summary
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