Contacts allows you to add and manage your connections. HUB only allows working with your connections. You can add your internal members(employees) and external members like clients, consultants, vendors or any other redbracket users. Here you can add and remove contacts at any point of time.

NOTE: You must have admin access privilege to Create, Remove or make an internal member as Admin. All other internal team members can invite external members.

How can I remove contacts from my account?

In contacts page, You can see Remove option in further actions of each contact. Once click on remove it will display alert pop up.
Click on Delete in alert pop up and the contact will be removed from your account. It will also be deleted from all Projects and related Items.

Remove Contacts

Once contact is removed from account, that user can not access any information of your account. however, the data related to that removed user will remain in your account.

Please refer this document to know about how users can re-join or create a new business account after leaving or removed from account by admin. How to re-join into existing account after leaving or removed from account by admin?
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