In Comments, you can use @username to grab someone's attention when there is more than one person in the conversation. It will be helpful when you want to address specific user in comments of a File, Task or Deliverable. All comments are visible to internal team. Mentioning external members makes that comment visible to them and all mentioned users will be notified through emails along with notifications. This guide will show you how to mention users in comment.

Mention users in comments

Let us see how to mention someone in task comment:

This is a common feature in all modules like Tasks, Files and Deliverable.

Go to Comments tab in task detailed view and click on comment box.

Task Comments tab

In Comment box, As soon as you enter @ it will display all contact members list. Search and select specific user whom you want to mention and enter comment. Here you can also attach files as shown in below example.

Post comment by mentioning user

You can also mention multiple users one by one or 'Internal Team' members or entire 'Project Team' members as shown in below examples.


Mention multiple users


Tag Internal Team Members

Same way, you can tag all project team members by using @Project Team.
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