You can customize weekly offs and list of holidays as per your company policy in module wise settings. Based on these weekly offs and holidays, system will show the timesheets which are not created in "My Not Created" and "Others Not Created" saved filters in Timesheet module.

Let us see how set weekly offs :

In Dashboard, Click on settings in user menu. It will display user profile page.
Next, Go to Module wise settings in user profile page menu.
In Timesheets settings, Select year in drop down.

Select Year

Next, select weekly offs. Let us assume that Saturday and Sunday are weekly offs in your company then select Saturday in Day 1 field and Sunday in Day 2 field. It will give display the dates of all Saturdays and Sundays in monthly wise as shown in below.

Select Weekly Offs

Select all days of Saturdays and Sundays. So that system can understand all selected days are weekly offs and it will not show weekly offs day's timesheets in "My Not Created" and "Others Not Created" in timesheets.

Select all weekly offs

In case, Only Sunday is weekly off in your company then no need to select days of Saturdays. Select only days of all Sundays.

Let us see how to create Holidays List :

Select date in date field, Enter name of the holiday and click on Add.

Add Holidays

In the same way, you can manage holidays for entire year.

List of Holidays
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