The Reports in Redbracket HUB is a place where one can get up-to-date insights about the project's performance and user's performance. It gives exportable progress and performance reports of your team and projects. You can see the performance of each and every project in Project Performance. So that you can analyze what is being done right and what needs improvement.

Only the Administrators can manage reports.

Let us see how to generate report of specific user who worked on multiple projects in a specific time period.

In Dashboard, Click on Reports in main menu.

Reports Module

In Reports page, Select user-wise reports in TimeSheet Reports.

User-wise TimeSheet reports

Next, Select user and time period, it will give the list of projects along with phases in which they are involved.

Here, You can select required projects, phases, billable, non-billable filter options.

User wise reports

After click on Generate, It will give Time summary report as shown in below.

Here, you can see total billable and non billable hours along with graphical representation.

Time Summary Report

Click on generate in Project wise report. It will give the project-wise report of selected user in given time period.

Project-wise Report

Click on generate in Item wise report. It will give the item wise report of all projects in which they are involved.

Item wise Reports

You can save report as PDF to submit to clients and other concerned parties. Downloading PDF will take few minutes based on number of projects.
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