Task is the perfect tool to collaborate with everyone. Here you can create tasks for a project or without a project. Tasks allow you to divide your work into parts and allocate it to your team members. Here you can create checklist, track the progress, manage statuses. You can link tasks to files as well.

Admin have ultimate control over who can create project tasks among project team members. They can control it by using Roles & Permission feature. They can also decide whether estimated hours are mandatory or not while creating task. Kindly refer this document to set estimated hours mandatory. Set Estimated hours field mandatory while adding task?

Let us see how to create a Project Task:

Click on +New Task in Tasks section of project view.

New Task

Select task type from the drop down. Here we have three types of activities as Task, Issue and Request.
Task is default type of activity. You can select activity type as Issue when you want to assign an issue and Issues can be changed to task later on.
Request is a task where anyone from Assigner or Assignee is an external member. The system automatically sets this type to request which can not be changed by user, unless they change the assigner/assignee back to an internal member.

Activity Types

Next, enter task name. While entering task name it will give you the suggestion list from previously created tasks as shown in below example.

Enter task name.

Select start date and End/Deadline date. You can change these dates later on.
Selecting Phase, Assigned To and Assigned By fields are optional. You need to set Estimated hours if it is mandatory. Finally click on Submit button once you enter all details. It will create task as shown in below example.

Steps to create Sub-Task:

Go to Sub-tasks tab in task detailed view.


Next, Click on “Add Sub-task” button and enter all required Information. Start Date and End Date should be with in the period according to Main Task.


Finally click on Submit button, then It will create your sub task as shown in below.


Same way, you can create Non-Project/Personal tasks and Sub-tasks in Task module. You can also create multiple tasks with pre-defined phases using templates. Kindly refer this document to create multiple tasks. How to create multiple tasks using template?
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