Redbracket HUB Contacts allow you to create internal members and invite external members like clients, consultants, or any other redbracket users. Here you can remove and make users as admins at any point of time based on permission you have.

Only admins can have the permission to Create, Remove or Mark User As Admin. All other internal team members can invite external members.

Following steps help you to add Internal team members:

Click on "Add Contact" in contacts page.

Create Internal and External Members

Click on "Create Internal Member", provide user information and click on Save. The system will send confirmation email to the user's email address which needs to be confirmed by the user.

Add user details

Until user confirms the email, it will show as "Email Confirmation Pending" as shown in below.

Email confirmation pending

Only afters confirmation of the email address, it will add the user as internal member and the user will be able to work as well as can be added as a project team member.

User added successfully

Invite external members like clients, consultants, or any other redbracket users:

Click on +Add Contact and select Add External Member option.
Search and select user by user name or email id and click on Add External Member button.
The system will send invitation to the user's email address. He/she has to accept invitation to join as contact in your company.

Adding External Members

Once contact is removed from the account, that user can not access any information of your account.
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