Files module will help you to store files of various types, create folders and collections. You can share folders, files and collections with special permissions for a user. This guide will show you how you can share folders with special permissions and how you can change existing permissions with special permission on a folders.

Share folder with special permissions.

Click on Add Permission options from the action menu of the folder which you want to share.

Add Permissions in Folder Actions
Search and select user to whom you want to share this folder in Add Permissions field in folder permission pop up.

Select user
Next, click on Permissions button and set special permissions.

Set Special permission

Finally, click on OK and then click on Share button to share folder with selected special permissions. Like this, you can share or hide folder using special permissions.

Click on Save button to share folder

You can hide a particular folder for a particular user who has view rights on all folders by his project role. Select Hide option in special permission to hide folder for selected users.

You can identify shared folders by the icon indicated with theme color as shown in below screen. By clicking on this icon you can see all shared information and even you can change existing special permission if you have rights.

Icon with theme color

Change special permissions on folders:

Change special permissions

Remove special permissions on a shared folder:

Remove special permissions
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