The Reports in Redbracket HUB is a place where one can get up-to-date insights about the project's performance and user's performance. Pick parameters of your choice and create custom reports that display exactly what you want for the times when you need specific data. . This article will guide you about Time Reports in detail. The 'Time Reports' group has three reports Time Summary, Time Details and Timesheet Status Details.

Only admin can see all users' Time Reports. Non-admin users can see their individual time reports.

1. Time Summary:

'Time Summary' report shows user wise, project wise and phase wise time spent in a selected format. i.e. Monthly(weekly total) and Yearly(monthly total). Customize the reports by applying various filters like users, projects, phases and other parameters as per your requirement.

Let us see how to generate Time Summary Reports:

Click on Reports module in main menu.
Once you open reports page, it automatically generates Time Summary user-wise report for current month as showing in below screen.

User-wise Time Summary

Generate project wise Time Summary report by changing type to Project Wise.

Project-Wise Time Summary report

Same way, change type to Phase Wise to generate phase-wise Time Summary report.

Phase-wise Time Summary report

You can also see all these reports in pie charts. Click on Graph view icon to generate report in pie chart.

User-wise Time Summary reports

You can export report as PDF or Excel format to submit to clients and other concerned parties.

Downloading PDF/Excel will take time based on report data.

Download reports in PDF or Excel.

2. Time Details:

Time Details report gives you time record level information as per your selection criteria. Select parameters of your choice like User Wise, Project Wise, Phase Wise, Date Wise and various filters to customize report as per your requirement.

Click on Time Summary and then click on Time Details. Customize reports by using different parameters and filters as per your requirements.
Export this it as PDF or Excel format for further usage.

Time Details

3. Timesheet Status Details:

Timesheet Status report gives you information about the status of timesheets of all your team members for a selected date range. You can see all timesheets or apply status filter to see specific timesheets like not submitted, not created, rejected etc. You can see this report user-wise and date-wise. You can also use filters to customize report as per requirement.

Click on Time Summary and then click on Timesheet Status Details.
Visualize reports by different parameters and use filters to customize reports as per requirements.
You can export this report as PDF or Excel format for further use also.

TimeSheet Status details
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