HUB Time Tracker (HTT) is a hassle-free automated and reliable tool to automatically capture time spent on various tasks. It continuously monitors all your activities and idle time on your desktop, in projects, tasks, drawings, files and even websites. It smartly sorts the captured data to prepare the most factual time-sheet automatically.

HUB Time Tracker Features:

Tracking Activities :

1. Track time on project/phase/task:

HUB time tracker gives you complete control over your project's time consumption. It automatically records the time being spent on project, phase, task, documents etc by your team members.

2. Track the time on websites and applications:

Instead of just displaying the total time spent on the project activities, HTT also records website name and the time spent on its usages.

3. Track the time on applications:

HTT also tracks time spent on applications like AutoCAD, Word, Excel etc. being used by the team member.

4. Track the time on Files/Drawings:

Now you do not need to attach work related files manually on time records, HTT automatically tracks time when you work on files and attach those files in time records.

5. Capture the screenshots:

HTT captures user’s computer screens at the time intervals specified by admin. Auto screenshots capturing feature can be enabled for the whole team or for a specific team member. We can also set specific screen capture time interval for the whole team or for each user separately.

Online Time Tracking:

When users logs in to HTT app on their machine, all the time records being captured are recorded as online time records and shown as online time in user's timesheet.

Offline Time Tracking:

When user does not log in to HTT, all the time records being captured are recorded as offline time records. This can be enabled in device settings as 'Offline Tracking' yes or no. This offline tracking is more useful when users have dedicated systems. If the mapping of user is done with a specific device then all such offline records are shown in that user's timesheet as offline time.

Missing Time:

Based on the time captured by HTT, the timesheet also shows some missing time slots for the time when the HTT was not running on the system. User can easily edit this missing time records and set it on a project or task.

Automatic Timesheet Creation:

Based on the time captured by HTT, the system automatically creates accurate timesheet for the user. This saves lot of time of filling the timesheet manually.

Auto Time Records

Instead of just displaying the total time spent on the projects, HTT also records titles of documents, applications or files and stores these information with the time record. You can edit or delete these records in the timesheet. Editing auto captured time records by user can be restricted by HTT settings.

Tracking on Applications and sites.
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