Files module will help you to store files of various types, create folders. Collection can be created to keep together related files like site visits photographs and organize your data. This module helps us to maintain versions, associate other files to main files, maintain workflow statuses, and even comment on each file to have a conversation about it with our team members. We can lock the files when we do not want other team members to edit it.

The files module exists in two places. First one, all the files which are not related to any project are stored in my files. Second one, each project has its own file repository and those files can be accessed by opening the respective project.

Following video will explain below points :

Creating folders and about actions available on folders.
Adding files into Redbracket HUB through local computer or from your cloud storage.
Creating collection to keep together related files.

Below video will explain about what are the actions we can perform on files :

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