Redbracket HUB workflow provides standard flow of tasks through various stages and helps in achieving the goals faster. This guide will explain about basic task workflow, default task stages and help you to create your own statuses in each and every stage according to your work flow.

You must have admin access privileges to manage Task Settings.
Create your own task workflow through various stages :

All the tasks with any status of 'OPEN' stage are considered as pending tasks and they will be visible in assignee's "My Pending" list.
You can perform all available actions on open state task. You can use timer to record the time spent on it.
In OPEN stage, 'open' is the default status and it will be automatically allocated to newly created task as shown in below example.

New Task in OPEN state

Assigner can see assignee's pending tasks in "Assigned by Me" or "All Pendings" list.

To add statuses in OPEN stage and change display order of statuses?

Add status and change order

You can see the newly added status 'plan' in Change status option in action menu. Same way, you can add new statuses in each stage.

Newly Added Status

You can change status to 'On Hold' when you want to move to other high priority work or work is stopped due to some reasons.
'On Hold' state tasks also shows under Pending tasks. They will be visible in assignee's "My Pending" list.
You can perform all available actions on 'On-Hold' state task. If you want, you can create new statuses in 'ON HOLD' stage.

On-Hold Task


After completion of task, assignee has to change status to 'In Review'. So that assigner can review it.
After status changed to 'In Review', system will hide it from assignee's pending list and start showing them in Assigner's Pending List (My Pending).
The Assigner will review it and take further actions.

See how In-Review status tasks hidden in assignee's My Pending and shown in assigner's My Pending :

In Review task

NOTE: Assignee can see all In-Review tasks in 'All Pending' list.


After reviewing work in review state, assigner will change task status to close. In case, assignee has the permission to close task then he can close from his end.
When you change the status to CLOSE stage, It will automatically become read only and no one can make any changes on it.
Once you change the status to close state, It will be hidden from assigner's and assignee's "My Pending" list. You can see closed tasks using task filters.

Please refer article to filter tasks and save customized filters How to manage task filters and how to save customized filters?

If you want to modify anything in closed task, you need to change the status from Close to Open.

To change status to Close

Please refer below article to give rights or restrict assignee from closing task:
How to give right or restrict assignee from closing the task?
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