Redbracket HUB allows you to create your own workflow of files by creating customized file statuses in module wise settings. This guide will explain about basic file workflow, default file statuses and help you to create you own file workflow in each and every stage according to your workflow.

You must have admin access privileges to manage File settings.
Basic file workflow & default file statuses:

As shown in below picture, File status is divided into three major stages, Open, In Review and Closed. You can also see some predefined file statuses in each stage.

Default File Statuses

Create your own file workflow through various stages :
In OPEN stage, 'conceptual' is the default status and it will be automatically allocated to newly added files.
Apart from all default file statuses ( conceptual, working and coordinated ) you can create your own file status as shown in below example video.

To add statuses in OPEN stage and how to change display order of statuses :

Add File Status
You can see the newly added status 'Initial Drawing' in Change status option in action menu. Same way, you can add new statuses in each stage.

New File Status

After completion of your work, you can change file status to In Review when you want your project manager or higher authority to review it.

Change Status
Here also, you can create your own status as we created new status in OPEN state. For example NFC (Not For Construction).

Example workflow: When project manager found any issue in your work file, then he can change status from In Review to NFC and also he can mention the reason in comments section. So that you can understand easily and after resolving the issue once again you will change status from NFC to In Review. Like this, you can make your own workflow as per your file's life cycle.

After reviewing the work In Review state, project manager or higher authority will change the status to CLOSE state.
Released is the default status in CLOSE state. Create your custom status for example GFC (Good For Construction).

How can I delete file status ?

You can delete file status as shown in below example.

You can not delete file status if the status is being used in any file.

Delete File Status
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