In Roles & Permissions, you can add custom roles and decide the access level or permission for each module just the way it suits your organizational workflow. Assign these roles to project team members allowing them to perform things as per their work and responsibilities.

1. Create your own Roles and Permissions.

Roles & Permissions in settings allow users to create new "Project Roles" and grant permissions for each and every module. There are two types of roles. 1. Project Roles and 2. Group Roles(Non-project roles). Non project roles are applicable to all non project items. Similarly project roles are applicable to all project items. Apart from all predefined project roles, you can create your own project roles according to your requirements.

Note: You must have admin access privileges to manage Roles & Permissions. You can not modify 'Project Manager' role.

In Project roles, by default, project manager, internal member, and external member roles are defined by the system. The permissions under these roles are applicable to all project items.
By default, the project manager has all permissions on all module items for a project. You can edit internal member and external member permissions but you can not edit project manager permissions.
You can copy any existing role to create a new project role or you can directly create new project role by clicking on “Create New Role +” option.

Please refer this guide to create your own roles and permissions. How to manage Roles & Permissions?

You can change permissions in the existing role at any point of time. The changes will be immediately applied to the users who are assigned that role.
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