Deliverables help you to plan your project delivery in advance, upload deliverable files and send them digitally or physically with hard copies with covering letter. You can also generate delivery reports to submit to clients and other concerned parties.

We recommend that you use this module for only transmitting files which are finalized or very important and you need to keep track of the delivery. For every other scenario, you can just share the file instead of transmitting it.

You can not delete Deliverable once file transmitted either by digital or physical transmission.

List View and Grid View of Deliverables .

In list or Grid view, you can see the responsible person of the deliverable, how many planed, how many files uploaded, out of which how many transmitted, Due date, deliverable status, last modified time and actions that we can perform on deliverables.
Below video will explain about list view and grid view in details.

Detailed view of Deliverable.

In detailed view, you can enter description about deliverable, you can create containers, add files into containers, transmit files, you can resend emails, you can see covering latter and more.
Below video will explain the detailed view of deliverable in detail.
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